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Ekati Joy Holiday wear is cozy clothing for the holidays. From Thanksgiving to Christmas you can find it here.
Whether you’re looking for a t-shirt or a comfy hoodie, we got you covered.
Our clothing is meant to be stylish and inspirational to everyone you meet.
Each design is printed on high quality cotton material and made for both men and women to modestly and comfortably wear.

Our holiday wear designs come on a variety of clothing. From sweatshirts, hoodies, shirts, and even socks, we want to ensure you that each product is both classy and long-lasting.

All of the cotton clothing is made from 100% USA ethnically grown cotton. These articles are made in a way as to minimize damage to the environment and to your body.

The unisex fit means that each of these pieces of clothing is neither tight nor baggy but comfortable  for both men and women to easily wear. All of these designs are not only comfy but they are modest as well.

Some of the perks of this clothing is the way in which it is made. Each product has double needle stitching around the arms, neck, and waist to ensure durability for as long as you need. Ribbed neckbands and waistbands allow for comfort and stretch while helping the product to retain its shape longer. Some of these tees also have a twill shoulder tape to give the shirt body.

The lightweight tees are made from 100% polyester. This moisture wicking material transfers the water away from your skin during physical activity and keeps you cool.