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Floral Scrunchies 3 pk

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The Floral Scrunchies 3 pk is a pack of 3 summery scrunchies for your hair, wrist, key ring, or any other decoration. Style you hair easily with the Floral Scrunchies 3 pk. They are both trendy and functional for so many different things.

The Floral Scrunchies 3 pk comes with 3 different scrunchies. They are all the same size and they are all floral.

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Floral Scrunchies 3 pk

Floral Scrunchies 3 pk is made of soft double brush poly knit fabric. This fabric is stretchy and kind to all types of hair. The scrunchies are 6” in diameter with an elastic band on the inside allowing for lots of elastic stretch.

Each pack is made up of three different scrunchies. One light baby blue with light orange flowers. Another coastal blue background with red flowers and white dots, and one with and indigo background and little orange flowers.

These scrunchies can be used for hair bands, wrist bands, key rings, or just decorating a corner of your house or car. These scrunchies are perfect to wear for work, sports, or just lounging at home.

They are super comfy, easy to put on and take off, so you can wear it all day long! This product is homemade in the USA.

Note: If have a lot of hair you may not be able to tie it all up with these scrunchies. The 6″ elastic band is very stretchy, but some amounts of hair might be too much.

Care: Machine Wash, line dry or tumble dry

Fabric: Double Brush Poly

Fabric Weight: Medium Light

Opacity: Not see through

Size: 6” with lots of elastic stretch

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